Sunday, 2 February 2014

# 12 - Photographs and Wine

Just for pleasure...
Wine and vineyards photographers...

Château Beaucastel by Serge Chapuis

By Fernand Clavero

By Philippe Martineau

By Fabrice Berry

By Xavier Amet

# 11 - Funny Corkscrew

A wine bottle opener, we can also call it corkscrew, or sommelier knife.

In daily life, we always open a bottle of wine with a standard wine bottle opener, which is just a tool. 

Generally, a corkscrew consists of a pointed metallic helix often called the "worm" attached to a handle.

Obviously, some people think that this process is too boring, and want to make it fun. Talented designers use their unlimited imagination and create so many interesting stuffs, so today we want to share the corkscrew art with you guys.

A good design corkscrew can bring comfort and balance to wine open experience, you will find out, that opening a bottle of wine, especially a favorite beloved bottle of wine, the experience can be fun, interesting, romantic, joyful, or even excited.

A mix between "old"and design...

Sunday, 26 January 2014

# 10 - Street Art & Wine

" The Winery Cave Fin Bec is where a passion for making natural wines meets a passion for art and culture " is the way of thinking of the owner, Yvo Mathier, who wanted too share his wines!
This winery is located in Sion, Switzerland, and makes organic wines!
They created a special event with several artists with different styles and from all around the world (Switzerland, New Zealand, Japan...)
They have to paint on "a wall", with 84 wine crates.
The concept of the project myFINBEC is to create a series of eight paintings that will be used as labels for eight different wines.
The cases will be sold in all around the world (limitedto only 672 cases).
The artworks will be exhibit in a special gallery in the Winery!

Sunday, 19 January 2014

# 9 - "Shape matters"

As fine wine lovers, it’s always a big pleasure to owe several delicate and beautiful decanters at home. Red, white, sparkling, fortified. We decant everything. 
We love the look of a decanter,  the feel of a decanter. 
These functional and stylish decanters, they are art pieces. 

They have been made by glass-making masters with concentration and emotion; they are like all types of pretty women in the world, with different characters, and different body shapes, who attract different people’s attention.

There are two main practical reasons why we decant a wine.

First, it’s a way of removing the sediment, often present in older wines and some high quality younger red. And second, it’s way of aerating, or exposing the wine to oxygen, which brings out the full flavor and aroma of the wine.

But, we want to say, wine just looks it’s best in a beautiful decanter! Look at this gorgeous pictures when decanting wine...

Among all the decanter producers, Riedel is the most outstanding brand. 
It was just over 50 years ago that Claus Riedel developed the notion that ‘shape matters’ when it comes to wine glasses making, and since then Riedel have developed a number of varietal specific wine glasses and decanters in order to enhance a wine drinker’s experience.

So, next time when your wine lover friend invites you to have dinner at home, bring a beautiful decanter, then every time when your friend decants the wine, he or she will think of you.

The video shows the Riedel  art of packaging their amazing decanters

Sunday, 12 January 2014

# 8 - Marques de Riscal

We believe that art can be everywhere!
We wanted to focus on the architecture for our article and we chose Marques de Riscal.
This is one of the oldest bodega in la “Rioja”, created in 1858.

In 2000, the Project 2000 is launched, a step to the future called "City of Wine" in 2006, a mix between tradition and avant-gardism done by Frank Gehry, an american canadian architect who already drew the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao.
The "bodega" invested in a laboratory with advanced technologies to analyze and control the wine but also to ensure high quality wines.
There are also the Hotel Marques de Riscal, restaurants, and a spa.

The "bodega" is covered in pink, in gold, and in silver titanium which represent the wine's reflection.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

# 7 - Wine & Tableware (Art de la Table)

Happy New Year 2014!

We hope you drank good wine, you ate delicious food and you had a great moment with your family and your friends!
As a host, you probably want to have a nice table for a dinner!
There are so many fancy and designed articles for tableware and specially for the wine! We wanted to share our Christmas table, and show you different articles which can give you maybe some ideas for next year!

Our table for Christmas

Gastronomy, tableware, wine, are a good combination for people who likes to invite friends and family, create a nice atmosphere with flowers, colors, the tablecloth, the napkin, the candles, the dishes, the accessories, the bottles... It can be simple, colorfull, glamorous, vintage... but it looks like you!


It's not only for Christmas holidays, it's also for all the important events in a year...

 source: Pinterest